Monday, August 10, 2015

Injecting some sun on a August day!!

Hello hello hello!!! I hope you all are doing well!! As you know its August, and so far 2015 has just run away with me. I've gone and come back from the winter season in Florida - 2015's season was the most injury laden one yet....but also most enjoyable :) A fall on the road, a nice ambulance ride after being stretchered into it, a kick to the not so funny funny bone and the daily struggles on not falling over my own feet!!! The sheep however doesn't seem to have a streak of bad luck in her!!! 
A classic Florida sunset

Nice little bruise - an average day!! 

Not so average cold snap in Florida! 

Blue sky and palm trees - the best office view
Vito and I have made some huge progress - mainly me in the saddle constantly learning the geometry of having everything just so for the Big Tour levels of the dressage journey - Int II and Grand Prix.  This stage has probably been the most difficult for me as a rider and trainer. Sometimes I miss the 4 and 5 year old problems you encounter like just getting the horse on the bit!! However I am so lucky to have this job and be doing what I am trying to do....Along with everything else and all the other shapes and kinds of horses that cross my path on your average day at Foster Meadows! 

Unfortunately before I packed up the barn to travel to Florida, the farm lost one of its friendliest faces.  Cody the Corgi. Those of you who have visited the farm got a chance to meet him and understood why he was so special. However poor Ginger could not be left on her own for long and in February of Florida we were graced with this ball of teething, chewing puppy fluff. Theodore ' Teddy' Goodrich!!

The newest addition to the farm Theodore! 

Resident reptile

Palm trees and riding hats!

MORE animals at the farm.....

Puppy trying to prove his worth

Out of riding clothes!

Baby puppy says he is knackered! 

Vito enjoying some selfie time

Puppy enjoying some selfie time!

Ginger training Teddy in... and learning to deal with a rambunctious puppy! 

Herself staying indoors from the sun

Polo time 

Good start to the season and a new level! 

Humid days....

Make for a struggling puppy

Getting to teach at my first American 3 day event! 

Teddy and his cape...making him Super Ted
Ready for action

Vito and I in the ring for the Int I

Ziggy and I taking a Monday morning stroll


The trip back to New Hampshire

Trailer and I's first blowout

Back in the hot seat after a long hot winter in Florida! 
I have a second post written, just to add more pics to it - and that should bring us all up to speed... and all be chronologically in August!!! Sad that I once again missed the RDS Horse Show... soon soon soon I'll be back as Arnie said!! 

For now,

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