Thursday, April 11, 2013

Florida's best bits and a special shout out!

Happy Easter to all!! I am now back in the cold New Hampshire - very happy to be back but also missing the Florida heat already. The trip back north was LONG over 30 hours in the end which contained a lot of petrol station stops, water, food and singing like a lunatic to myself! Here are some the snaps I took over the Florida season, some of the best bits of the season!
My assistant helping me write
I will always ALWAYS love WEF (World Eqestrian Festival) at Palm Beach International any day you go there you see an unbelievable amount from tiny tots to Grand Prix show jumping
At WEF Grand Prix with Robbie and Barbara Fallon

Some pics from back at the farm and more....

Ziggy getting a hoof treatment

The more boots the better!
Yes this really happened Misha getting headbutted by Rocky
Ali cat walking, me handwalking a horse - like normal!

Bernie getting ready for the Challenge of America's at Jim Brandon Equestrian Centre
Average Dunkin Donuts stop
Early mornings like this make getting up for work easy...

Normal Saturday dressage rider - hanging bareback on the Grand Prix horse Prancer Dancer!
A rare day when the arena is flooded from rain
Then back to the roasting temps!
The girls of Double Bridle Farm

A nice office view!

Ali, Alde, Dancer and I take some selfies :)

Our only stallion - Tome
At Universal with Caroline
Quiet time with Ziggy
Prancer Dancer and I getting left behind on a hack
Irish night out!
Morning dew on the mirrors
Corgie love
Multi tasking 
More morning shots
Wet day calls for the right footwear!
Wonderful painting done by one of our clients

Garden view with Maggie
More Irish nights out :)
Chilling with my favourite mare Alde

Typical farm night out always ends with glow sticks!
Frontline seats
Stomping divets
Choc ice and champagne at polo

Care Package from home

Girls night out at the Challenge of America's

And now for a special little entry. I was sad to miss this event back at home but the hourly updates I got and all the photos that were sent to me made me feel like I really wasn't missing a thing! My sister Emma and my old mount Bobby achieved great success at the Pony Club Winter Finals over the Easter Break as did my two very special cousins Jane and Lara on further old mounts Jane on Robin and Lara on Smarty Pants. I need to up my game at this rate, these girls are going to soon by pass me with how many ribbons they have got! 

Emma and Bobby after the win

All the goods! 
The gang at the prize giving

Bobby and Emma with a very special spectator our grandmother Maura! 

Lara with Maura and co - pilot Sammie the dog! 

 Emma & Bobby, Jane & Robin, James & Farley

Jane & Robin, Emma & Bobby

Dad doing the same prep as always!! 

Jane and Robin chilling after

I am JEALOUS of all the extra prizes that are edible! 

Jane after her big win! 

Back to reality at home! 

Hope ye all had a great Easter - I am freezing, the horses are freezing, the dogs are freezing the only one thats ok with the sudden baltic temps is the blessed cat Misha since she lives in the apartment all day!!! 

Who needs Sat Nav when you have Misha?