Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August Part 2

Part two of my trip home, again photo based - enjoy!! Back to work in NH since I left Shannon not to rub it in but it's great to be back in the heat!  My stay at home FLEW by, I can't believe how much I managed to fit in while I was back, riding, Cavan IPS champs, Cavan Fleadh, Clifden, visiting, family time and of course nights out! I was so happy to use what I have learnt here into practise with the ponies I rode while at home - one of which being a 4 year old Dandini, who is Prospect Susie's son and VERY much a nice mix of his mother and father (Cashel Bay Prince)
Back together again!! 
Clifden show did not disappoint - as usual. I love this show, its a roadtrip to get there but it is one of the most enjoyable few days - regardless of judges, classes, fences, weather - it always seems to be a great show and this year was no exception. All the permanent and semi permanent 'residents' of Four Winds, Creganna, Oranmore had a fantastic show with a ton of rosettes spanning from the Thursday and Friday classes. (Jane & Lara Field, and myself!) had red ribbons, which made the week even better!

Celebrating with a sandwich!

Winner winner!!

Thursday night Clifden dinner
Lara and I hitting Clifden town
  Last year I rode another of Robbie's ponies - Cashelbay Misty, who sadly passed away shortly after having this lovely filly - and soon after I left Ireland, so it was bittersweet meeting this baby but she is so playful, fun and a fantastic mover! I cannot wait to see her in action when she gets older. Look here if you would like to see more of the CashelBay ponies, http://cashelbay.com/ 

Meeting Misty filly foal

This filly is too cute! 

In non equine news I was catapauled into the usual saturday night out once I got home - I had forgotten how long the night is and how glorious Supermacs is after a night out!! I made a special trip up to Cavan to the Fleadh (tradtional irish music festival) to visit a dear friend and trad head - Lorcan Brady. Myself, the sheep and Marian the human made the trip up and had a ball. We also recieved an almighty tour of the Brady estate and a HUGE feast curtiosity of Mammy Brady - all homemade too! 
At the Fleadh in Cavan - Marian (the human), me, the sheep and Lorcan
Getting a tour of Cavan with Lorcan and Jasper
A feast  - all homemade! By Mrs. Brady
As you can probably tell from this post I did a ton of visiting in my short time home. To keep looking the part Stateside, I ventured out to the great Imelda Lynch who runs and owns the http://www.thetackroom.ie/ she kitted me out with jodphurs that help me not faint with the heat over here! Next on my map was to the home of the wonderful Vida 'Mammy' Tansey. I will always look to her for help and guidance with horses and otherwise - she is a factor in where I am today and how I got to do what I am doing here! While I was there I met another baby out of a mare I used to ride.  Angelina 'Angie' had a beautiful colt who is unnamed but named Pax if you follow me! (Keeping the entire Brad and Angelina thing going here!)
Angie's baby Pax
Vida's home cooking!
Something that I ALWAYS happens when you enter the Tansey household - you eat Vida's home cooking!!! No lie that it is UNREAL!  

Then came the sad time of having to leave, two weeks FLEW, and the nine months that I had been gone from Ireland flew too. It was sad leaving, not knowing when I will be back - but at the rate time is going my Visa will be up in no time!! 

My farewell dinner

Leaving Shannon :(
A few more snaps.....
Post leaving cert results night out - little brother too 'tired' to make the trip to the airport with me!, (middle) an Elverys reunion, and (left) Pax ;) 
In other news that is AMAZING! The latest Finneran to board Creganna Clover has made quiet the successful enterance into the showing world! My sister Emma had her first competition of the year and won her class! All her hard work, and talent has paid off and I do not doubt that she is going to have an amazing time with this guy and a VERY successful winter with him - WATCH OUT! The only downside was I wasn't there to cheer her on but with the wonders that is the iphone I got minute by minute updates and pictures that I showed all over the barn here. One proud sister!! 

A quick thank you to everybody who I met whilst home that commented on how much they love the blog. And a sincere thanks to those who feature a link of my blog on their already very successful, high traffic sites. Your support with something that only started out as a bit of fun is overwhelming!! 


Monday, August 6, 2012

Home time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting ready to go!! 

Surprising friends was the best! 

This is a very quick post! Just giving ye a few snaps of my first 3 days home, fitting into one post will be impossible!!! I have been overwhelmed by how much I missed home, family, friends and MILK!!! And it has only been 3 days and I am wrecked, thank god I surprised them with an extra week. Hopefully one of them will be peaceful!! 
I was picked up by my two secret agents Marian and my aunt Rachel who I can't thank enough for getting up at 4am to pick me up!!

My welcoming party! 

 Reuniting with an old friend Creganna Clover

Won't lie had to be restrained heading in there!!

So I fly in on Friday, and head out with old friends - no biggie. exhaustion is  underrated!! 

Friday night

Due to my passion of all things history I only have friends that  have famous historical peoples names - the sheep met Michael Collins!!
Cruising around the town...

Followed by Saturday...

The human Marian and the sheep!!
On the way home from the airport we stopped in to visit some old equine friends!! 

Creganna Clover

My 4 year old project for Clifden - Dandini

My two 4 year old projects for the week!! Uisneach and Dandini

After giving the siblings a heart attack by walking in the door

SJ's parents visiting in there holiday home on wheels!

God daughter #2 Doireann remembered me!!!

A trip to Cavan IPS champs to surprise more family and my childhood pony - Smarty Pants!
Hope ye enjoyed this quick entry! Very cold I miss the heat and my Foster Meadow family! Looking forward to the week ahead returning to Clifden, getting to know these two four year olds more, and riding some more in the rain!! :) 

Until next time

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


July - I cannot believe how quickly time has flown!! More of a picture based blog....more detailed one to follow I promise, I am trying to pack and organise myself to COME HOME for Clifden!!!! YAY!!!!!


Small and large - Marley, Peanuts new bestie

Our neighbour Ray's new lab puppies!

A moose - Ray's handy gun skills

Myself and Phillip
This is Phillip, a delightful Morgan, who is quite the character and a great addition to the barn! He belongs to the wonderful Kelly M, a different Kelly to the one you met in the previous post. Kelly trains with Pam for a week every month and comes to the barn every Saturday to train. I have been lucky enough to ride Phillip a few times and I can now cross riding a Morgan off my list - a really strange but great experience!!
Phillip resting

Phillip on his way to do hill work

Flattened after hillwork!

Bernie receiving a neck rub

A rare cuddle moment

An Irish shop found on a trip to Portsmouth
Meet some the new Danish arrivals - Aldegonda 'Alde' and Donnizetti 'Ziggy' there is another mare a chestnut  beauty Lucienne 'LC' but I didn't get a picture of her for this post. Alde is 7 and the other two are the babies - 4 year olds. They arrived in June the mares later then the gelding because of quarantine. I have been riding Ziggy, and I am being spoilt - this is a 4 year old with buckets of potential and the safest most laid back brain I have ever come across (knock on wood it stays the same!!!)

Alde enjoying handgrazing time

I LOVE her giraffe patterned legs

They are like lightening marks!

Ziggy having a munch

Sunny New Hampshire day!


AND THEN!!!!!!!

We had a bit of a medical issue with poor ol Peanut after numerous x rays and pain relief it was determined that it was a bone bruise which meant a chunk of time resting. Pressure from the bridle and even the headcollar upset him. He is making a great recovery and is thoroughly enjoying his time off which includes basically just eating, grazing and snoozing!!

From head on it was not that noticeable but here is the side view

In comparison to this side

Herself and a fairly exotic looking chicken!

My first time driving this thing alone!!! SURVIVED and reversing this thing.....consistency is the key!
******BIKINI SHOTS!!!!******

Myself , herself and SJ on the Potaskys boat

Afternoon chill out time with Bernie

Myself and herself on the lilo - hard life
Not all work and no play for us this month, I had a fairly hectic non equestrian month too! I had 4th of July and a weekend off on the wonderful Potasky's (Our adopted family) boat.
Myself and Taylor

All in the arms!! VERY nearly fell off!

Being dragged by the boat at speed was alot harder then it looked! 

But we survived!

Our weekend with the Potaskys on the Connecticut river was too short but so enjoyable!!
I am a bit backward with the pics here, we went to the Potaskys after the 4th of July but computer issues have me all over the shop!!

For anyone that doesn't know, my wonderful Dad, rowed for Ireland (in a boat not a saddle kind of rode!) so the notion of kayaking is technically in my blood a little bit!! It seemed ok, got up to a decent speed but stopping is an issue!!! I have kept it up since - will have guns of steel eventually!!!

Here is me attempting to kayak home

A little helper aiding me with Peanut

Seeming interested with his ice pack

No, just more interested in trying to eat the ice pack I dropped!!

Meeting a LEGEND of a man that is Larry Poulin
I am so lucky to have met this hilarious driver turned dressage rider Larry Poulin while at the Potaskys. Larry has competed in numberous World Cups and WEGS for driving and is now retired from it and dominating the dressage scene, on horses that he used to drive. Have a look at the man in action http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7JFDaflF7g&noredirect=1

Myself, herself and the lovely Taylor Potasky

Hard life sunbathing on the boat

Now in the last post I said ye would meet Tess in more detail. Here she is!! The great mare that has kept me jumping while I am full time dressage rider is for sale, here are the details and more info on Tesshttp://www.windsweptfarmnh.com/WindsweptFarmnh.com/Sales.html

All dolled up
And here is the link to see us go on Youtube!!! It was GREAT to be back in the skull cap! Love riding her and am so grateful that I was asked to be a part of the project that is Tess. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds3IV00u82w&list=UUe7WYHpw7JB6zRr0tcjnzzg&index=1&feature=plcp

Onto the HIGHLIGHT of my month -  the Region 1 Connemara Pony Breed Show in Vermont. I was so honoured to be asked to be a part of it. Will do a more detail post on it but here are some pics from the show.

In the Vermont mountains

A section of stabling

Beautiful gorge I passed on the way to the show

All the way from Galway and who do I meet? Cashel Bay Prince's sister, Cashel Bay Irish Promise

Some of the many prizes at the show

All handmade

The ACPS really have a great selection of gear

Evening reception
Sorry it's all over the place - and a ton of pics, I figure ye like them better then me rambling on!! My next post will be my first one I do in Ireland, I CANNOT wait to get back for a short visit, real milk and chocolate and family and friends of course!

 Until then enjoy the post and the Olympics - go Team Ireland!!!