Friday, October 10, 2014

Champs and Ireland!!!

Hello! Fáilte! Etc etc etc!! This is a bit of an multiple state/ international post. I left New Hampshire for Saugerties, New York in September, and then I left New Hampshire again in October for a quick visit HOME to Ireland. 

The regional Championships in Saugteries, New York was AMAZING! I was lucky enough to go there last year but did not ride - how things have changed in a year?! Vito was beyond great, at times taking me along and holding my hand! I am already hoping/praying/wishing that I qualify again for next year!!

Vito and Marian relaxing in the stables
While I was at the Championship, I gained my final core to receive an award called the Silver Medal. It is awarded to riders who gained a certain amount of scores and certain levels. This is a HUGE milestone for me, as it takes some riders a long time to gain this status, while I earned it from June to September with Vito - he really is an amazing horse! 

After the prize giving

Getting ready for our lap of honor

Then hop on a flight - enter exhaustion, time difference and a huge hole in my belly for a bag a taytos! It is so so so great to be home, even if it is only for a small amount of time I am having a ball - here are some pics that will tell you yourself what I have been up to for the first week that I have been at home!!

Fresh off the plane from Shannon!! 

Reunited with some familiar faces 

With my one and only sister Emma

Survived a night on the town after nearly 2 years!! 

Emma and Bobby lighting the place on fire! 

Along with my cousins Lara and Jane and the legendary Smarty Pants

Missed that view! 

Catching up with my former Foster Meadow-er in the Spanish Arch in Galway 

Myself and Eavan

Reunited with the pony guilty for my insane love of what I do...Smarty Pants!

Here fro one more week so get ready for some more photos and another Irish post!!

Until next time,