Saturday, March 29, 2014


The trip down cat, one sheep, two dogs and 1500 miles

Florida sunsets
It DOES rain in Florida sometimes :)

My new best friend the CUTE Tessa

A Merry Xmas from myself, Ziggy and Marian the sheep

Staff Xmas photo

Day off at the safari with Bobby the giraffe

Airport beverages while heading north to the snow with fellow Irish Fred Scala


My first Zumba class

Standard hacking day another standard selfie :)

Legend relaxing

Office view 

Stealing puppies at the show!! 

Out of the arena for some fun!

We take our wardrobe choices VERY seriously! 

New Years Eve at West Palm Beach
Staff taken seriously :)

I have aqquired another Galway girl Regina Daniels!! 

St. Patricks Day in West Palm Beach

Rolls Royce arrived at the farm!

Enough said about Ziggy.....

Happy ponies

Florida mornings

Beach time

Wrapped up at the Challenge of the Americas
 At the beginning of March, Pam represented the USA once again at the Challenge of the Americas - here is the link to see the performace.
 For anyone who knows me, understands how strongly I feel about makeup, art and horses...put all that together and I am one happy girl!! 
Zoomie the morning after the night before! 

Team USA

Rainbows at the office!!

That is all for now folks!! I am still in Florida and I am going to put another post up SOOOOOON!! Again so sorry for the delay - I have missed the blog and missed all the documenting!! 
In the mean time 


I am still here!

Well well well hello there...... I am still alive, still here and the sheep is still with me! Things just got slightly hectic as my responsibilities in the barn became greater and eventually 24 hours in the day is simply not enough!! Here are a few snaps from September on -  I am going to separate blog posts so all the Florida news will be in the next post!! 

New England Dressage Association Region 8 Finals in Saugerties NY

Chilling with the girls at the show

Autumn time means Fair time in New Hampshire....which means ALOT of strange things to see and eat!

Trees slowly changing colours with Aldegonda

My nifty cat pillow

Early October mornings at Foster Meadows

Ziggy had his first outing ever in the States... and was a double winner! Felt like home with the stone walls ha!! I have to admit I still have to check myself with the rosette (ribbon) colours but yyyeeeesssss in this country blue is first - and that's the colour I want!!!

A rare evening off at a clients private island on Lake Sunapee

Halloween time! Red Riding Hood and her wolf :)
October also saw THE BEST visit ever! Mam, Dad, Emma and Kevin came over and we hit up New York - best holiday :)

Riding the subway with the sheep

At Ed Sheeran in Madison Square Garden with the siblings

Sight seeing 
On comes November - where I ended up at the Kentucky Horse Park for a whirlwind few days with Jen Huber and Vito. Seeing the horsepark was amazing, the quality of the horses and competition.... and of course I couldn't resist I had to walk the cross country course!! 

The first ever Adult Amateur Grand Prix winner  - Jen Huber

Annnnd then back to the FREEZING New Hampshire where Ziggy refuses to keep his clothes on :)
That is in a nutshell what went on since the last post..... Florida is coming up!!