Friday, August 16, 2013

August.... HOW??!

Happy August!! Can you believe that its August already? Life at the farm is going at brake neck speed - I am in denial that summer is almost over and we will be hitting Autumn soon. The summer routine at the barn is slightly different in the sense that there are a lot more horses, more clients trailering in everyday with their horses and we get summer staff - Pam call's it summer camp.... it's an intense summer camp alright ha! With the high traffic in the barn everyday is different, yet the same....if that makes any sense to you at all? The 'normal' everyday things like turning horses out, doing stables etc happen and then random stuff gets thrown into the mix like a new horse to ride, a delivery of 200 hay bales arrive or the outdoor arena has to be maintained....all of which we do ourselves here at the farm. It's very much a team effort and it makes me happy in myself that I can go from riding a 5 year old to driving the tractor around the farm, to unloading a shaving delivery! Pam has a saying that Foster Meadows - 'Turns boys into men and girls into boys!'

Care package from home

CAUGHT having a snooze

Taking a day off to visit adopted family

Field work with Aldegonda

Twizzlers...everywhere you go in the barn!

This literally is a new low....WHY!

Getting some calcium in!

Overcast and cloudy makes for perfect riding weather

Hard life

When work at the barn ends its time for the gym.... very painful and not fun! But hey....the joys of cross training for fitness :(

While I was so lucky to able to go home last August, this August was bittersweet as there was a major win back at home - and I wasn't there to witness it! Congratulations to Jane on winning big at the Dublin Horse Show - not many people can say they have achieved that!! Very very proud.
After the win - Note American is first place and blue is second in Europe!

My sister...all play and no work?!!

This month has been a great month for hacking and riding in the fields - our grass got cut, AND on a more exciting note some dressage horses got to get a change of pace and become jumpers :) It is so good that they are adaptable but also hard as hell as they have a totally different concept as to how they should approach a simple cross pole....with elgance and poshness ha! Which makes for a very hap-hazard attempt of getting over the obstacle. After two or three goes they get it and more confidance.....then there is no stopping them!!

Ziggy....dressage by day...jumper every once and awhile!
A FEAST after a long day
Very happy with the little Ziggy after his first jumping outing!

Old friends reunited... Zoomie called to the barn for a few days and Misha was clearly delighted
The last few weeks have also seen a new resident (well semi - resident) at the farm - by the name of Louis. THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!!! He belongs to one of our great clients Kelly and her husband Rick, and when Louis comes to the farm - literally nothing work wise gets done!

Louis and Marian

Helping out in the hay barrow

Helping me out at a show!! 

And that is all for this post! I still can't believe that it's August....only 3 and a half more months until I am packing myself and the barn up for Florida! 

Until next time,