Sunday, October 28, 2012

My fortnight in pics...

Ali and Kipling going for a quick jog 
So I am trying to stick to my fortnightly quest to keep up with the blog! So to save myself from uploading a ton of photos every month maybe a quick blog with some will keep you all going until the more in depth blog at the end of the month! Since October has hit two things have happened - the weather has gone CRAZY, and America in general has gone pumpkin CRAZY!!! (Note - I am slowly embracing it, I have just gotten over how here they like to put cinnamon on pretty much everything too!)

Need I say anymore?!! 
As you can tell from the photos the trees are in full autumn retreat - our time in New Hampshire is not only limited but our time riding outside in a grass/hill environment is too!! Nothing but sun and sand in Florida!!!

Trying to document the leaves changing!!

Peanut enjoying playtime with his feedtub!!


Doing some work behind the outdoor

Taking a relaxing walk through the woods!!

Embracing pumpkins!!!

Levi hanging in the roundpen

All wrapped up!!

As the cold sets in the horses get the first of a few clips before Florida!!
Peanut's new do!

In other news myself, the sheep and all the horses in the barn experienced an earthquake last week! Not so much fun when I was here alone and it was something I never experienced before - very bizarre! All good though lived to tell the tale but not something I want to happen again soon!

As I said this isn't a detailed blog I have a TON of pics this month  plus I have had super packed last two weeks that need to have an entire blogpost dedicated to them....for instance here's a little taster ;)
We went out for Halloween!!
Until next time (most likely this time next week fingers crossed!) Hope the little change up was entertaining - want to get as many pics as possible up here!! Think of me when ye all hear the news of Hurricane Sandy - we are due to get a part of it here in New Hampshire so we have been prepping for it all weekend! nothing like a bit of wind and rain to stirs things up a bit after an exciting earthquake!!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Where to start?! At first I thought since I caught up with myself time wise that I would write a blog post once a month, but with the amount of photos I have on this one I think I will be writing a new post every two weeks - so keep checking here for updated posts!! The start of September saw the sheep and I in NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing to do with horses, my sport or why I am really here, but past experiences and one amazing opportunity led me to being able to attend an amazing photo shoot as a makeup artist, with Taylor Potasky that took place in and around the city. While I was there I got to see a few sites and most importantly I got to ride in a yellow cab - mission complete!!

Myself, Taylor and Marian on the subway

On set!!

With the great photographer Scott after a long day!

Myself and herself with the famous automobile of NYC!

Shooting with the Empire State Building behind us!

Being taught how to hail a cab NYC style!

In Chinatown with herself!!!

And after a whirlwind of a day.......

I was back in the saddle!!!

Life at Foster Meadows was (and still is!) hectic!! A full barn, a 10 hour day, and the weather slowly starting to turn colder - meaning fresher horses(!) This month while always and forever working on effectiveness as a rider and ALWAYS trying to improve my position and quicken my adaptability, I was met with another hurdle. While rushing from one end of the barn to the other a passing client commented on how different my life is now that I am a professional - I NEVER thought myself of one, it was something I fell into and I am very thankful to have been given the opportunity to live and work here. But here in America if a rider earns his or her wage/salary from the equine industry. And as this is my career presently I am deemed as a professional - I ride, teach, judge at shows and that's how I earn my living. It is just something that is so hard to get your head around until somebody says it to you - horses have always been in my life through school, college, work and I don't think of it has a job when you LOVE it so earning a living off of it is an added bonus ;)

'Perks' of being a 'professional' boot scars!! 

Pam's sister kindly sent us some Irish classics!

Bernie - kitted out for turnout ;)


On the trusty tractor
Brioche getting used to his new surroundings!!
While the Paralympics were on and our great friends Dale Dedrick competed and Rosalind Kinstler trained her there, we recieved Roz's horse Brioche to look after while they were in London. I rode this cool dude after he recovered from his trip up from Michigan to New Hampshire - it took awhile for him to get into the swing of this in regards to huge open spaces, but he eventually got the hang of it and loved his month here!! 
Myself and Brioche

Trying to document the changing colours! 

The gentle giant Pizi heading out for some hill work

A serious perk of living here has to be the weather - so far I have experienced a summer that lasts more then 3 days! And now to be here while the season is changing from Summer to Autumn is so cool to see, not so cool having to remember what life is like wearing wellies and warm jackets - but hey, rain here is limited so I am not complaining!!! And with the big move to Florida in less then 7 weeks I won't be exposed to the 'cold' for much longer!! 

Field work
One of the best and probably most unique things about living and training here at Foster Meadows is that Pam wants the horses to be able to go everywhere rain, hail or shine. It is great to be on a highly trained horse and for them to be able to forget about collection, half steps etc and be able to just take a long rein and go on a trail ride, threw puddles, passed a flock of a crazy family of wild turkeys and not have a meltdown over it!! 
On lazy Sundays when the horses get the day off and a light lunge to move around, strange things happen!!
Misha and Zoomie enjoying some play time in the indoor

Slowly changing!!! 

Getting ready for the first All Ireland final! 

Pizi and myself out and about

Hard day at the office

We passed our driving test!!!! 
Another non equine accomplishment was passing the American driving test - officially road safe in two continents now so watch out!!! 

Old friend coming up for a visit, Ria and myself ;)

Reasons I may need a boyfriend?!!

Probably the best 4 year old I have ever ridden - Ziggy, taking a snooze

Myself, herself and Zoomie representing the island!! 

Peanut enjoying a day off from passaging and  had a hack in the field!! 

Trees slowly changing! 

Cody changing up his sleeping area! 

Zoomie all dressed up!

Marian - thanks to Scott the photographer got to experience  a classic NYC  hobo

Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth!! Ziggy 

Leaves on the ground keeps Rocky quiet while handgrazing! 

Herself and the first pumpkin at the farm!

Ali, and her new trainer - Misha

Ginger and Cody help with the daily goings on!


First injury at Foster Meadows - nothing to do with the equines on the farm it was from saving the blessed  cat from meeting her death by coyotes!

Got sent this lovely pic of me in Clifden with Creganna Dandini

Fingers and toes crossed I never meet a reptile like this again! Even though  with moving to Florida soon that seems unlikely. Alot has to be said for good ol St.Patrick! 

So September was jam packed - dressag-ing, still jumping and loving it and teaching away makes the month FLY!! I must mention the Paralympics, where Ireland performed at a world class standard and my great friend Dale Dedrick competed for the United States and did us all very proud here at Foster Meadows, and I am looking forward to being at Double Bridle Farm with her and her trainer Roz in Florida.

Sorry for the HUGE post! I will upload ever two weeks from now on, next time you will hear from me I will be struggling with trying to plan my Halloween outfit!!!