Friday, July 26, 2013


Hope you are all having a great July - this month is FLYING for me! Have another post ready to go, will upload that in a few days..meanwhile enjoy the pics of the last few weeks 

Look closely and you will see MOOSE! My first ever encounter with them

Packing for a show

Long day, full moon

Hay cuttin' time!

Sometimes nightcheck has to be done in PJ's!

A butterfly trying to meet its end near Ziggy's hooves!

Tough life...

My best co-pilot!

Ziggy meets Misha....


EARLY morning ride - lights on as its still dark!

An adventure to the wilds of Vermont

Ziggy at the chiropractors

Our Vermont adventure and views

Fog back at the farm

Sleeping beauty

Extra curricular non horsey fun! 

Misha.....meeting and greeting again!

View of the lake

Oh hey....I was in Canada!

Wood trails

Ginger having fun at the lake

Misha - being Misha...WEIRD!

New visitor Bo

Ziggy getting a new beauty treatment...

That's it for now - just a quick post I will catch ye all again in a few days, with stories of what has been going on here!!