Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Show Time!!!

Happy August!!! So far this month has been a BLAST!! The weather has not been the usual melting and sweating - but hey, I am not complaining about that! At the start of August, I travelled to a three day show in Maine, with Ziggy and Vito in tow. Ziggy is now a 6 year old and has had all of the Florida season to train, so it was perfect timing to bring him to the show with Vito also - so he can show off some more tricks he can do!!! 

The show was great! It was in such a beautiful location, and extremely well run. Also it was very successful! Vito and I won our classes on Friday and Saturday, by Sunday we lost a little steam and placed third - which is more than I could have asked for! Ziggy was as usual the cutest horse at the show and bounced around to get second in his class - all of which were hotly contented. And as has been the running theme this summer I was the youngest again in my class with Vito!! But onto the BIG news......

Me, Marian and Vito with our ribbons

Not so keen on the showgrounds themed pink colour!

Ziggy and Vito showing off there goods

Superstar :)

Ziggy clearly stressed in his house at the show

The SIZE of the dinner scones - or biscuits as they are called here in America!

The fantastic backdrop of the showgrounds

The two boys ready for road!

Back in New Hampshire and enjoying the lake

Lake time with Foster Meadow Family
Now onto the big news - Well my big news anyways!! Whilst at Puckerbrush Show in Maine, I got the last of my qualification scores to qualify for New England's Dressage Associations Fall Festival of Champions.
I am still rattled by qualifying since Vito and I only began our journey in mid May. I am so excited to just get there, the rest will be the icing on the cake especially since I will be the only Irish rider at the competition. The Championships take place in Saugerties, New York in September, where I will be competing in the Fourth Level Championship (Which is the equivalent to Advanced Medium to those at home) and also the Prix St. George. I wish Mam and Dad and the gang could be there to watch and cheer on but photos and the ol video recorder will have to do! 

Vito ALWAYS knows when a camera is around!

I have one more show this month, on the 31st of August. After that it is a little down time and back to the grindstone getting ready for the championships at the end of September. All of which you'll catch the results and pictures here!!