Sunday, January 18, 2015

My 2014 in Pictures....

Hello!! Many many many many things have happened since my last post! I've gotten a new visa, travelled back home to Ireland AGAIN since October and moved down to our winter venue in Florida until April. Phew!!!! Here are some of my favourite snaps from the epic year that was 2014.

With the two great boys Ziggy and Vito

Marian and Vito :)

Cold grey days of handgrazing.

Finding an Irish flag on top of Mt. Tom

Filming some training videos

Care package from the parentals! 

After the ALS challenge! 

Sporting his new gear from home 

Our neighbours coming to visit :)

At my most favourite competition of the year!!!

Back at home at the ranch

Getting my Silver Medal 

First sibling pic once I got in from the airport in October

With the gang

And the main man Smarty Pants :)

Standard night out in Galway town pic

Sister selfies and running some races! 

Hacking in the long grass selfie with Eavan

Post Pennys trip 

My goodbye party - or so I thought back in October!

Handgrazing in the Autumn

Onto Kentucky!! 

Then back to the old in New Hampshire for a few weeks - Ziggy was no happy

Either was Ginger...

Packing for Florida

More snow!! 

Made it to Florida!!!! 

And then back to Ireland for a brief 4 days for visa arrangements and a little partying

The bestest friends

Early Christmas dinner festivities

The bestest siblings

Back to Florida and on our Christmas Day hack!

Staff night out at the Cheesecake Factory

Dressage does jumping YAY!!

Here's to 2015 with Vito and Marian

While I could not include everything those were the pics that I loved and captured my year in the best way :)

Until next time!!