Friday, September 13, 2013

What month is it?!!!

Happy Friday.... and September. What is happening?! The countdown to Florida is now 3 months and I cannot wait!! As always more a photo based post - I can never seem to just get time to sit down and write a post full of structural of these days!! 

Jumping day at the farm! 
We had a very special visitor at the farm at the end of August... Rick Massero came to the farm take photos of the horses for the Foster Meadow website -  if you want to have a look at more the photos hop over to the website 

Some snaps of Aldegonda, Ziggy and I

A first, I checked off my list was going to a state fair - Pam brought me to Hopkinton State Fair, which was AMAZING!! I have never ate so much bad food in my life....fried dough, maple candy floss to name a few!

Enjoying the fair! 
Flat out

A real life Marian

Sheep rugs the night before a competition...and I thought horse people were crazy!

Ginger and Kipling having a moment

A randomly HOT day makes it too much for Misha to handle

Puppy Louis and Marian
Another day and another state! This time I was in Massachusetts, visiting family and teaching. It was such a lovely day to be teaching outside and amongst jumps!! Those jumpers wanted to learn flatwork - I couldn't resist!  
An added perk of travelling to teach was spending time with family in the CHEESECAKE FACTORY!!! I am in love with this place, which is not in New Hampshire - thank god otherwise I would have a big problem! 
Ladies who lunch, my cousin Siobhan

Too good
More from Rick's photoshoot.... Corgie dog central and of course Ziggy is in the middle of it!! 

And finally back in the gym working off that cheesecake!! 

Until next time!!!