Sunday, March 31, 2013

My fortnight in pictures....March time!

I left my last post with what I like to think was a great 'cliff hanger' :) Myself and the sheep ended up in.......


Myself and the sheep met up with our great friends who came to visit Caroline and Ryan. I had a great time showing them where I live, what I do and the fact that we included a road trip to Orlando for St. Patricks Day made the entire thing even better! 
Joining the rest of the lunatics that dressed up for St. Patricks Day  at Universal Studios

So close to Harry Potter land!


Went on the wetest ride too early in the day! 
Nothing like a crazy rollar coaster to start your morning! 

Starting the drive to Orlando!

Fuel for the journey
Long drive to Orlando!

Shopping for the 17th of March!

Harry Potter world

Harry Potter world
Irish night out!
Myself and Dancer back at the ranch bareback and multi tasking

Our only stallion on the farm Tome
Too all back home

Being the ONLY sun block wearer on the farm - its nice to be browner then somebody :)

Reunited and ready for out!

Back to work on Dancer Prancer

Ziggy and is brand looking very fluffy and fresh

Wet weather footwear? Happens sometimes in Florida!

A good day!!
Hoping all of you had a great St. Particks Day!! 

By the next post I will have moved back up to New Hampshire. Florida has been a whirl wind of a season but more on that in the next post!! 


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 2013

Hello hello!! I hope all has been good for everyone since the last post. I cannot believe its March already - I only have three more weeks left in Florida until the 1500 mile trip back to New Hampshire.

Behind the cages of the CDI barn :)
March already had been jam packed with events, shows, horses etc. The month started off with Pam riding at the Palm Beach Derby, where I had a brilliant weekend - I try and really soak in CDI shows while I am here, I have been spoilt since moving here with the fact that there is an international CDI almost every weekend here in Florida however in Ireland I would have to travel great distances (on a boat!) to get to one.
Aldegonda getting ready for the Derby

Carino H getting his pre show spa treatment!

Florida life has definitely been different since I returned from by month long stint back home in Ireland. My hand/forearm is taking ALOT longer to heal then I thought it would. Some days are most definitely worse then others like the days I have to ride in a double bridle - which I have been steering away from to help the situation. Apparently I am told ligaments, tendons etc etc take time so patience is the key here which I don't have much of when it comes to getting on with things!! 

Misha after a long weekend
However I am so lucky that I have Pam and my Foster Meadow family that really help and try make the injury healing as quick and stress free as possible. Being left handed and having the damage done to my left hand makes for a very frustrated Shauna sometimes! I am very thankful that I have my teaching flatwork to various other riders (eventers, showjumpers) to distract me - and it reminds me how much I love teaching people who are not 100% dressage enthusiasts (I didn't start out as one!) figure things out for the benefit of their horse and themselves as a rider.
These M&M's are LIFE CHANGING! 
I got to experience my first ever polo match this month! Ali's mother - the wonder Kris was down for a week to enjoy the Palm Beach Derby and a little bit of sunshine. So we made the most of it on my day off and hit the polo field!

A nice view for an afternoon

On the field at half time

My first experience of stomping down the divets

Seeing how the other half spend their Sunday's! 

Modelling the latest package send from home with Ziggy!

An IV bag full of good stuff to help a hoof issue

THE best patient 

The older I get the more I realise that I cannot live without  new footwear - EVER

Possibly the most detailed cupcake I have ever devoured! 
 I love the days at work where there is a ton of bakes goods in the tack room. Generally our lovely clients are reasonable for my sugar addiction but when I saw these bad boys I was amazed. I have a very special aunt - Rachel, who is the cupcake queen of our family and now I am personally setting her the task of making these whenever I get back home!!

We have wonderful clients who feed us at the farm! 
 Now onto the most hilarious part of the YEAR never mind month.....THE CHALLENGE OF THE AMERICAS. I was so lucky to be involved in this years quadrille, because Pam was riding for Team America, she rode Wyvern 'Bernie' who has been on this blog many times. The night is for a great cause and I was only delighted to have to dive into my makeup box and get Pam and Bernie ready for the 50's theme that Team America's quadrille were riding to. Having ridden in the Connemara quadrille many times I am so thankful that we rode with uniforms unlike what I was exposed to this weekend! The chaos and stress before they went under lights was slightly awful!!

Bernie in his dressing room

The Boys

Team USA


My handy work! Glitter is STILL on him the poor thing!
Here is the video of the performance - it was like no other. 6 Grand Prix riders and horses doing an amazing job with only a few weeks practice. I was happy to be on Team USA for just one night safely back to the tricolour now!!! 

The afterparty..... late night!! 

A much needed package from home

I am queen of multi-tasking ;)

Having a quiet moment with a 4 year old! 
Until next time - I already can't wait to write the next post. The last two weeks of this month I have a huge amount going on so expect a long one! Also myself and the sheep are going on a road trip....can any guess where?